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How to Build Children's Confidence

Self-Confidence is important to achieve success. Children are sensitive and need encouragement to learn. They need the support from parents and ...

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Children Need Self-Confidence
Children Need Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence is important to achieve success. Children are sensitive and need encouragement to learn. They need the support from parents and adults to grow up well balanced. Confidence in children comes from positive support in adults.

edit Steps

  1. 1
    It is important that children develop a positive image of their own. A positive image means that they are self confident; they know their own limits and trust their own abilities. People who have a positive image enjoy their lives and can handle themselves in tough situations. So, it is the same situation for children; in order to build self-confidence, parents need to show confidence in their children. This feeling is not congenital. It’s created in the child's environment. Verbal and non verbal cues are important to empart a message of confidence. Confidence from adults gives the child the ability to handle new challenges and activities.
  2. 2
    Accept children for who they are. Whatever the child does right, we should encourage them, compliment them and be specific, for example, don't say "You are good kid", say "I like the way you cleaned your room, you have good organizational skills". If a child does something inappropriate, then we have to correct them (without yelling at them). They need to know that without making mistakes, there can be no wisdom.
  3. 3
    Children learn a lot more by trying for themselves though it will take longer and probably be more messy. Patience and confidence can do a lot. Give children the time and space to try something new and learn from their mistakes. Provide them with help, if they need it. Be proud of them, whether or not they succeed. Children with self-confidence are not frightened by new experiences or learning situations.
    • Allowing children to complete puzzles or projects on their own (you will help if they ask) will build their confidence.
  4. 4
    Act as a role model. Children learn the most from your behavior. Children invariably imitate adult behavior, good and bad. They want to be adults themselves. If they see you cussing, they will cuss. If they see you praying, they will pray. If they see you helping others, they will try to help. Abused children will become child abusers.
    • Building confidence in children will help them achieve success as adults.

edit Tips

  • Understand your children and kids behavior well will help them to build self confidence more easily.

edit Warnings

  • Avoid putting too much pressure on children. It damages their self confidence.

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