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How to Have A Great IT Resume

Great resume = great jobs

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Great resume = great jobs

Research has shown that on an average about 40 seconds are spent on a single resume,thus resumes who are an eye openers for employers get interview calls.Your resume has to be a great presentation about what you are ,what you did and what you can be for your employers.

Since year 2007 a close observation of the IT resume creating trends and requirements is going on by experts.Members of National Resume Writers' Association have contributed in this research and a process is developed for creating an impressive IT resume.This process is called as TL method.

Following are the best guidelines from TL method research for getting a great IT resume:

edit Steps

  1. 1
    Understand that a resume is the foundation step for any great career. Whether you are at fresher level, at starting level , at middle level or at chief level, you have to have a resume which present you as the best for the position.
  2. 2
    Note that a resume is best defined as an advertisement to sell a product that is you. It is built with a soul purpose to win an interview. If it does what most fascinating resumes do, then it works and an IT resume is no exception to this fact. So always present your very best qualities and most appropriate skill set while making your resume.
  3. 3
    Realize that for an IT resume, not only your skill set for the job is important but also the manner in which you present your roles and responsibilities of your IT career. Hence, you should always use the best resume format according to your career level and jobs that you are applying to.
  4. 4
    Always keep in mind the employer's needs and not yours. Ask yourself what qualities an employer would look for in a particular job and mention these qualities in your resume objective and cover letter.
  5. 5
    Never mention wrong contact details in your resume. Always use your current phone/mobile/cell phone number and address.
  6. 6
    Be aware that a particular presentation of your skill is always appreciated in the IT industry. A great idea would be to have a web page or a website of your own and upload your resume to the internet.
  7. 7
    Note that the best file formats for saving a resume are .doc and .pdf. Where pdf files are highly presentable , doc files are most common among HR .
  8. 8
    Always modify your resume according to the job role and responsibility. The best part for doing this would be your resume objective and cover letter.

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